Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stupid Baby Tricks

Yep, I treat my kid like an accessory and a pet in a way. I'm guilty and I admit it. Yes, at times I dress him in a mini version of what I would like Bill to wear. Whatever... But, I also teach him funny charming things. But our last visitors taught him the last trick. Unfortunately, it has turned into the same reaction as his first. Oh well, still cute, still something he is going to kick my a** about when he is entering his angst-ridden teen years. Deal with it Oliver! :)

In other news, Bill and I swore/signed our names to Ollie's passport book. We swore that Oliver wouldn't try to overthrow the US government. Be good Ollie or it is your parents' a** on the line!!

So, I just got a huge bloody lip... Oliver decided to headbutt me with his giant bowling ball head! OUCH!!! I feel the blood ballooning in my lip like a freak show. Nice...

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