Friday, May 29, 2009

America's Next Top Baby Model

Oliver, some how, booked a modeling gig. Our friends that moved out here met a gal that does photography. Well, she was talking about how she needed a little guy around 6 months old. *Poof* my kids a model. I need to first get his eczema breakout under control. I have until Monday to get his face cleared up.

No pictures this time. Your time of free photo viewing is going to come to an end. Your going to have to pay for em like the rest of the world soon will. HA!! THAT IS HILARIOUS! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba & our abused cat

So, I really should be showering right now, but instead, I will post some videos. Watching these makes me realize I sometimes treat Oliver like another pet. I really shouldn't be talking all high to him... But, it also makes me realize he really beats on Java. She finally walked away from him last night when he pulled her tail one too many times. It also doesn't help that he will stand and lean against the couch where she is, so she really doesn't have a chance to get away now.

If you have ever seen Yo Gabba Gabba, you know it is crazy. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out, because it is crazy. But, for some reason, Oliver LOVES it! Every time DJ Lance Rock comes on, he can't stop laughing. It is quite a treat. And, the only reason we started to watch it was because Auntie Missy gave Ollie a Brobee for Easter. Well, now I have it down to when it is on and he gets pretty excited to watch it. Yes, I'm terrible because I let my kid watch TV. Mom needs a break too!

My Gym was fun. Ollie was the youngest. He enjoyed doing a sommersault and going on the swings and jumper. He didn't enjoy a little guy named Gino stealing the toys he was playing with and trying to knock his nuk out of his mouth. I think we need to go back so Ollie will get a little more exposure to children.

Okay, on with the videos!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where the heck are we!?

Happy belated Memorial Day! Our weekend was pretty quiet. We had Bill's coworkers over for a bbq on Saturday. Sunday, Bill and I went to Blues, Brews, and BBQ at the fair grounds. I was excited to get a taste of "home" with brews involved. Brews in Wisconsin consititutes at least 50+ beers. Sadly, brews here in NY means 2... Labalt and Labalt Light. We aren't in Wisconsin anymore... *tear* Also, we tried to get coffee from the coffee shop near our house twice. Once, we were too early! You are a coffee shop, you should be open at like 6 am! Again, we aren't in Wisconsin anymore... :) Here are some pics of Ollie and my beautiful new ride. My face of determination is me thinking, "Don't dump this kid!" Although, I did teach him the "tuck and roll" technique before I jammed him in there!


This week, Ollie and I will be going to My Gym in hopes to find some friends for the both of us. I'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 22, 2009


It is hot here, so we have the windows open to get some fresh air. Our neighbor, the pediatric oncologist, has a lawn care service. They spread some manure fertilizer today. The air in this house isn't so fresh right now. Yuck!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

They grow 'em big in Wisconsin

So, it was Oliver's 6 month check-up yesterday. I don't really look forward to his doctor visits. But, I was amused by the nurse and Oliver's new pedetrician. The nurse was physically taken aback when she walked into the room. She then says, "WOW! They grow 'em big in Wisconsin!" Didn't really know what to say to that... His pedetrician was so excited that I was slightly Finnish (don't ask how we got on that subject), that she got up, left the room, and came back with a piece of nisu bread in a sandwich bag for me. Anyways, Oliver is now a healthy 18.5 lbs, 27 inches long, and has a 46 cm head. His head is huge!

Ollie has been busy the past week or so. I have let him tap into his inner creative self. I let him "paint" some cards. By the time he was finish, he had paint caked into his belly button....


My "big" helpers, Oliver and Porter, also assisted me in making my first attempt at homemade baby food. As you can tell, they were very good at what they do. Although, I didn't have to get any mop out with Porter following me around. Of course, the stuff that took the longest to make, Oliver wasn't a really big fan of. So, if you come over and we are having mashed root vegetables... I'm feeding you baby food that Oliver rejected. :)

He also got to experience his very first storm. Our house has great covered porches, so he got to watch it first hand. He was sure what to think about it though.


.This past weekend, we also went to the park. But, Oliver really didn't have the energy to stay awake to watch Porter play fetch.


He and I are now members of the local zoo! I think everytime we go, he seems to experience something new. This time, his favorite was the red panda. I'm not sure if it was the panda or it was the fact that he secretly moved his nuk and was chewing on the wood fence. Hey, a little extra fiber never hurt anyone, I guess!


And, this pic is purely to show everyone that Ollie does have hair. I never realized how sensitive I was to this subject until people keep saying, "There goes a cueball." No, darn it, there is hair!! It is just super fine and blonde!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 0.5 Ollie!

Little Ollie is half a year old today. That blows my mind, quite honestly... It is going fast, too too fast!!
Well, this will be quick, *hopefully* because he is not amused on my lap or on the floor where every toy that he possesses is. So, I'm putting pics from our hike at Pratt's Falls, Mom's Day, and him in a shirt that honors his in utereo nickname, Blueberry. Oh, and some quality videos. (Never said I was a film maker....) Enjoy!!
Pratt's Falls near our house. Ollie enjoyed looking around on Dad's back. It was a nice little hike. It was a beautiful day for one.

My first Mother's Day was pretty low-key. We went shopping for a bike for me the day before. I will find out which one I got in 5-10 business days. Ollie and Bill picked it out for me. But, I do know that I got an Electra bike. It is pretty FABULOUS if you ask me. It is a cruiser bike, so I got a big seat, some large handle bars, and I have to back pedal for my breaks. HOLLER! :) Ollie also got me a iTunes gift card and a pretty hanging plant. They, then, treated me to a clam boil at the house. But, my best presents were all the sloppy kisses he gave to me and the fact that he is here.
Yes, Mom, it's Mother's Day, but that doesn't stop me from being hunger-stricken!
My Boy BLUE! (He still has his eczema flair-ups... Plus he is drooling so much. Poor Kid!)

What the heck do you want me to do with all of these?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our house, First Flight, & Cinco de Mayo

Well, it is time for another exciting entry from Casa de Schulz. Oliver is busy playing on the bed, so I have some time to put something on here!
Bill and my folks took some pictures of our house and neighborhood, so I thought I would show everyone. When we found our place, we never realized that we had a beautiful magnolia tree in our front yard. It was a great surprised, although the blossoms blow away much too quickly!

.Oliver and Grandpa in the backyard.


The view down our street.

.Grandpa Schulz recently had a milestone birthday, so we needed to travel back to WI. That meant Oliver had a milestone flight. He did great! He slept through 2 flights entirely. Then, he was awake for the second half of both of his last two legs. As you know, Oliver is an impeccable dresser. Jerry's party was no exception. He had a fabulous plaid blazer that only he could pull off. I was very pleased with his party attire choice. :) But, I'm more pleased that he didn't have any trouble flying. That means it won't be such a event when we come back to the Midwest.


Ollie got to celebrate his first Cinco de Mayo recently. I thought we could invite our friends Jim and Megan over for some take out. We have an AMAZING mexican place down the street. Well, Megan replied by saying, "We'll bring the sombreros." Funny, right... I never thought twice about it. Then, they came up our porch...

So, I've learned to take Megan literally. Oliver really didn't know what to think of his hat. But, he sure was cute!