Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 0.5 Ollie!

Little Ollie is half a year old today. That blows my mind, quite honestly... It is going fast, too too fast!!
Well, this will be quick, *hopefully* because he is not amused on my lap or on the floor where every toy that he possesses is. So, I'm putting pics from our hike at Pratt's Falls, Mom's Day, and him in a shirt that honors his in utereo nickname, Blueberry. Oh, and some quality videos. (Never said I was a film maker....) Enjoy!!
Pratt's Falls near our house. Ollie enjoyed looking around on Dad's back. It was a nice little hike. It was a beautiful day for one.

My first Mother's Day was pretty low-key. We went shopping for a bike for me the day before. I will find out which one I got in 5-10 business days. Ollie and Bill picked it out for me. But, I do know that I got an Electra bike. It is pretty FABULOUS if you ask me. It is a cruiser bike, so I got a big seat, some large handle bars, and I have to back pedal for my breaks. HOLLER! :) Ollie also got me a iTunes gift card and a pretty hanging plant. They, then, treated me to a clam boil at the house. But, my best presents were all the sloppy kisses he gave to me and the fact that he is here.
Yes, Mom, it's Mother's Day, but that doesn't stop me from being hunger-stricken!
My Boy BLUE! (He still has his eczema flair-ups... Plus he is drooling so much. Poor Kid!)

What the heck do you want me to do with all of these?

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  1. Hey Ollie, a very happy 1/2 birthday to you too!! Man, I can't believe in another six months we might be walkin'!! We're going to be keep our moms buuusy! Keep the pictures comin' man, I love 'em!