Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow, sorry for the delay!

It's been awhile... This kid has more energy these days, it is crazy! Our schedule during the week is jammed packed: Monday: swimming lessons at the Y, Tuesday: Music Together class, Wednesday: My Gym, Thursday: rest, Friday: Free play at My Gym & repeat. I think I am more tired out than Oliver is!

Olivers favorite new past times are running & tormenting the animals. He has waged quite the war with Java & let me tell you, Java is taking no prisioners! The current score is Java: 3, Oliver 0. (Scores entitle using your teeth to bite &/or break the skin's surface producing blood.) Now, before you start thinking, "OH MY GOD, they need to get rid of that cat!!" I'll have you know, Ollie deserves it. The poor cat is grabbed by the tail and then lifted off the ground like some pesky rodent. After sounding like a broken record of "NO OLIVER! GENTLE OLIVER! AH, STOP IT OLIVER!" I've let nature run its course. He also enjoys trying to co-habitat with Porter. Porter's anxiety level can be physically seen rise at the sight of Oliver climbing in the kennel with him. Actually, Porter doesn't even have to be near it & he will get nervous. (I made those bibs Oliver is wearing. *pat myself on my back*)

Running... lots and lots of running... I'm thankful for My Gym. It's like a huge padded room that there are like 2 things he could maybe bust his head open. Odds in my favor!

And finally, some proof that the wild man does rest. As much as I talk about his hyperactivity, the O-man has become quite a snuggle buddy. It makes me smile when he comes up for a big hug after his naps. He also loves to sit on laps while watching his mind numbing tv. :)

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  1. Love it. I love his little belly in the last one! And, I LOVE your accent. I miss it. It comes out in the one with Porter ;) GO MIDWEST!