Friday, October 8, 2010

Park date with mommy

Ah, today was BEAUTIFUL!! You couldn't NOT go outside today. Daddy was in Boston for a meeting, so we needed to do something all day. To make it a little more difficulut, Ollie got diagnosed with thrush (YUCK!), so we tried to stay away from our kiddy community activities. So, we went downtown Syracuse and got both of us some Starbucks. (Yes, Oliver is addicted to coffee. I bring a sippy cup 3/4's full of milk and then fill the rest with my drink of choice. And, he does love scones like his momma.) And then we were on the hunt for some fun mustache goodness. (Why? Well, we are having a small "mustache bash" for his actual birthday dinner. We were successful!!)

After nap and lunch, we ventured to Thorden Park. It was a fun time, minus the tube slide that makes children go mock speed out of it. Oliver didn't go down it until a 3year old boy pushed him aside to go down. Well, nothing like a little peer pressure to make him go. I made it to the end just in time to prevent him from breaking his neck... Oh, and there also was the time he went down the slide on his tummy and ate a mouth full of dirt. But, all is a days' trip to the park for a boy!! Oh, and no trip to Thorden is complete without a run down the hill!

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