Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Week

Our week was full of some firsts and a start of our good-byes.

Sunday, kicked off with Ollie's very first walk. He was bundled in his galatic vest that our friends Jeff and Sara Seidling gave him. He kept his eye on Porter the whole time. I still think he is trying to get used to the idea of fresh air.

Then, we took a trip to Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Krecker's house. We got to see the whole clan! Great Aunt Deb, Great Aunt Joan, Auntie Missy, and Grandma Sherrie all came to see us and say good bye. Ollie even got to see some cows and geese. Again, he wasn't too sure about the whole idea of being outside.

Finally, we got home and got to try some sweet potatoes. The picture says it all! I think he was scared of it. So, he went on the couch and the pets took care of him for the night.

We have an official move date! We will be starting our road trip on April 13th. Be thinking of us and our interesting journey ahead of us.


  1. Sweeeet potatoes is right..awesome!!

  2. Ollie is so cute!!! I'm really glad you told me about your blog! I'm excited to follow along on the adventure. IT's like being a little part of the fam. :)