Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stain Solutions

As some of may already know that I've been having stain removal issues. I guess God has not granted me the skills to remove the baby food variety. So, I took matters into my own hands and tried to resolve the problem.

First, I tried to see if Java would help me clean Oliver off. She just rudely ignored him, but he still tried to get her to love him.

Then, I moved onto Porter. I thought he would thoroughly clean off the stains from head to toe. With Oliver's tendency to have a death grip on pet skin and pulling, Porter, too, kept his distance.

Then, I thought, why not put the food on his favorite bee. That was quickly vetoed, but he still loves it, flavored or not! Look at the drool.

So, I did what every logical engineer would do. I stripped him! One plus to having a late fall baby, by the time he eats, it is warm enough to do it naked.

And why may you ask I would make such a big deal about the stains in the first place. Well, this kid is a slob when it comes to food! He has a fun way of breathing out at the exact moment I put his spoon of food in his mouth. Mmm, squash...

But, all in all, we are getting the eating thing down. He is now having a fruit in the morning and veggies in the evening. He keeps the fruit in his mouth much better. Teething, or what we think is teething, has made him quite irritable, drooly, and constantly sucking on a nuk. We have two weeks until we move now. Exciting and anxious times ahead!


  1. Porter is going to have his handsful with that little man!! :) Love the pics

  2. He looks like Grandpa Jerry with the squash. That is how he feels about it too Little Oliver!