Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Well, I am frantically trying to pack our essentials the Schulz's will need for potentially 10 days. I'm not made to do this type of packing. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. I think I have enough clothes for Oliver to have a blow out at least twice a day. Oh well, always be prepared, right... I should be packing more, but if I decided to do this blog, a week and a half in between posts isn't going to cut it!

I have found a hat that fits my child's huge cabaza. Well, actually, it is too big slightly. It should be. It is a hat for a 1 year old for goodness sake. And, I had to get it because it has a cute skull on it!

As time gets closer to move day, Oliver and I have been having some good-bye lunches.
So, when I went to say adios to my old pals at Nice Pak, I made sure to put on a fabulous outfit. That would be his lil
stinkbomb onesie with skeleton baby legs. Everyone thought I put flowers on my boys legs. Oh how they don't realize that Ollie is my own little accessory.

We had a chance to visit my family one last time. We met up in Minocqua. It was nice to see them close to my birthday. We ended up going to a German bar for my birthday lunch and it was great! I got a candle in my brat. Can it get much better? As usual, Auntie Missy spoiled Ollie with ridiculously cute outfits. And, Oliver always loves to see Emma and Ava. Ollie got to spend a little while in the kiddie pool at our hotel. I think we have a swimmer on our hands.
Oliver is getting huge! We have a friend with a 9 month old and Oliver is only 1/2 lb. lighter. He is fitting into his 6-9 month old clothes already. These two fabulous onesies were designed by our friend Jeff Seidling and meticulously embroidered by his wife Sara. I told Ollie he couldn't have his candy and he had a little meltdown. Sorry Ollie, a 5 month old doesn't need a birth control pill, Viagra, or Tylenol!
The other depicits a blueberry dancing his arse off. Bill has made quite a name for himself on the dance floor, so it says "Dancing Like Daddy."
And lastly, if any of you bloggers know how to format this better, please let me know. This thing drives me nuts!!!

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  1. Yay! A post. Love the pics.

    I hate the formating on blogspot as well. I put periods inbetween everything to try to keep things organized. The last time I posted, I even ahd to do it between paragraphs to keep spacing. Annoying!

    Good luck with the packing, I hope you guys have great weather for your trip!! It will be so nice to be in the same state as Bill again!!!

    Squeeze that little boys cheeks for me (Ollie's, not Bill's!! Sheesh)