Monday, July 26, 2010

Alexandria Bay

I thought I was being so good. I had these pictures loaded in here for two weeks so I could quickly type and post. Well, nothing is really quick in my life these days!

Bill's folks came to visit all of us two weekends ago (I'm writing this on 8/10) and we drove up to Alexandria Bay. What a beautiful place! It is right on the St. Lawerence Seaway. It reminds me a little of Door County, WI, but with more mansion.

We went to Boldt Castle on Heart Island. It is a huge place that was completely abandoned when the inspiration for the whole project, a man's wife, unexpectedly passed away. The place stood unfinished and neglected and it's been in the process of being restored since 1970.

We took a ferry over on the gorgeous day. Oliver enjoyed all the "Ca-Ca's" that were flying around. After we went through the castle, we enjoyed the expansive grounds. Oliver's monkey backpack got its usage. The day was complete with ice cream for all. I think that could have been Oliver's favorite part.

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