Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Great New York State Fair 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend friends and family! With Labor Day comes the Great NY state fair. We gave the fair another chance this year, even if it didn't live up to our high midwest standards last year.

One thing that was different from last year was Oliver was big enough to ride some rides. As most of you know Oliver isn't afraid of much and a friend has even said he may be jumping out of planes by age 13. Well, by no surprise, Oliver loved MOST of the rides. The Ferris Wheel was first for the family. It was cold on the top!! (We have had a temperature drop of 20 degrees in two days!) Of course the one that mom brings him on made his whole entire body physically shake. Poor buddy... The Fire Chief wasn't his favorite, but he did think he was pretty cool when he could go on a ride by himself.

We visited the circus tent again this year. We got to feed the giraffe again. Ollie gets so excited to put that carrot in his mouth... BUT, when that tongue comes out his head is shaking "NO!" so fast! Too funny... He did have quite a conversation with a pygmy goat, but I don't think the goat really understood him. (Little goat, I totally know how you feel!)

And the last picture shows some sweet success for the day! We hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot at this point! He is still napping and it is 3 pm. Okay, I just jinxed myself, so I will bid you adieu!

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  1. You're quite the adventurer Ollie! We need to swap stories!