Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Day for Mr. Oliver

Today was the big model photo shoot. I won't get to see the results for about 2 weeks, which is going to kill me. He was the model for the Organic Line for this Peruvian clothing line called Feather Baby. The photographer told me they were going for a snug-fit look. As I was jamming Oliver into a 3-6 month size, it was snug to say the least. The poor kid was proudly displaying his little buddha belly. He got to wear some brown pants and a ivory kimono style, hooded sweatshirt with ears on the hood. The hood hardly fit over his big head! Then, he had a cute striped one piece. All in all, he did really good and I won't mention it again.... Until the photos come. Stage mom is kicking in! Really, I need to stop talking about it.

On other fronts, Oliver just cried through his whole dinner. Thinking my poor guy is sick, I, for some reason, stuck my finger tip in his mouth. The poor little guy is cutting his first set of chompers. He isn't happy about it. He is screaming about it right now as a matter of fact. (Actually, he is screaming because he is tired and I'm trying to make him take a nap. He isn't having it...)

Well, I will post pictures when I get them. The campaign needs to be finished by the end of the week. Then, she will get to the actual pictures we took for what should have been his six month pictures, but now they are his seven month pictures.


  1. Snugfit for babies?!? Really!?? Wow.

    Can't wait to see the pics! :)

  2. Hey dude, I think my mom is as excited as your mom to see your pix. You're such a rock star already! Peace Out, Loudon