Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Craziness!

Today we ventured to Tim's Pumpkin Patch. Actually, we were talking about going to a pumpkin patch and we got invited to go to Tim's with the Wilfkoskey family (Julie, Jordy, and Ian too). The story of Tim's is that 20 years ago, Tim planted some pumpkin seeds and sold his crop for a dollar a pumpkin. Each year he planted more pumpkins and kept selling them for $1 until 2006 when they got raised to $2 each. It was crazy to see the huge fields full of pumpkins. There was a little hobby farm, a great selection of specialty pumpkins (picture green and white ones straight out of Martha Stewart Living), a food stand (yummy pumpkin funnel cake), and much more. It was a chilly day out there, so we didn't stick around too long to take in the extra activities. We did find 3 pumpkins that called our name. I also bought a large pumpkin that went to our friends Judith and Phins' house. It is going to be hallowed out to stuff kiddies in at our Halloween playdate. Another cute photo op waiting to happen! Happy Fall, y'all! (Even if my midwest friends and family seemed to have lost out on this season and went straight to winter!)


  1. Hey man, cool bone costume! My mom was just about to buy the same one for me...she went with a snowsuit instead! Probably because we had snow this weekend!!Craziness! I've been crabby and sick lately, this is getting old! I hope you are healthy and HAPPY:)! Mom's not really diggin' my attitude lately! Peace out man!

  2. Hey dude, don't sweat the small stuff, my mom is still bustin' my b***s about getting my to do "sooo big" after she saw your video! I refuse to give into her desires! My mom got my snowsuit at "Once Upon a Child"'s a chain used clothes and toy store and where mom does most my shopping. She found a sweeet Columbia Snowsuit, doesn't even look like it was worn, for $45. Mom really liked that it was a separate jacket from the pants so it'll double as my winter jacket too. Now finding a hat and mittens was another story...she went to SEVEN stores just to find them. I think with resent cold weather everyone is looking for the same thing. Mom snatched the last set at JCPenny! SCORE! And dude, I'm drivin' my mom nuts with my no socks rule, I refuse to keep them on my feet...she's threatened to put me in tights if I keep it up! *hahaha* Yeah right mom, like dad will ever let you do that! But she got back at me, she sewed a piece of yarn to my gloves so at least I don't lose those. Whooo, sorry man, I had a lot on my mind!:) I hope you're as excited as I am about this new thing called a "Birthday"....!