Thursday, October 22, 2009

What, What, What!!

So, I will first apologize for the tone of my voice in this video. It is crazy to hear how excited I got over this milestone. Give me a week, I won't be this excited about this new found freedom. Also, this video again is quite terrible quality. Picture this: Ollie taking some steps and me seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Me, rushing to the diaper bag and literally ripping all the contents out, not finding the flip. Then, I rush to the piano and see it under the flap of the SLR bag. I tip-toe to the kitchen to capture more of the OFFICIAL first steps! AH!!!



  1. Okay Ollie, my mom is a total sap! She started to get teary eyed over your first steps...I don't even think she did for my first steps. I think it was hearing how excited your mom was about it that got to my mom. These moms of ours are a bit coo-coo sometimes! I'm glad they are both coo-coos though! Rock on Ollie..keep your mom on the run!!