Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is how I roll now

It is funny to look back at what I thought my life was going to be like... in high school. Never did I think I would be married, let alone have a kid! I was going to be a professional with no thoughts of ever staying home. So, today just made me chuckle a little about how much my life has changed from my original plan.

This afternoon was the epitome of a great fall day for me these days. Oliver has made some more new friends from My Gym. All the mommies, except for our friends Shakira and Scott, met up at the zoo today. So instead of being a labcoat like I always thought I would be, I am knee deep in nuk retrieval and puffs. This is how I roll now...
Here is the crew from top to bottom: Lauren, Phin, Ollie, Jordy, Emma and Seth

All the kids from My Gym are basically the same age. Ollie is the oldest and the youngest is his girlfriend Jordyn. All the other boys and girls are in the middle. So, it is great that at about the same time they had a huge meltdown. It was like clockwork... around 2:30 they all started crying. We all scrammed said a quick good bye and off to nap time.

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